Rudall & Rose Flutes (in D)

DSC00121 pluschaudy

For this flute, I took my inspiration from the instruments crafted by Rudall & Rose. The bore and the holes are medium-sized. This instrument has astonishing precision, finesse and richness of timbre. 


  • 6 Keys of your choices.
  • Made from: Mopane / African Blackwood / Polymer
      My Place Rudall – Klaus Pfister
      Muireanns’s Jig – Rudall & Rose – Yves Gremaud
      Trip to Athlone Rudall – Klaus Pfister
      Over the Moor to Maggie Rudall – Klaus Pfister
      Rolling in the Ryegrass Rudall – Klaus Pfister
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Pratten Flutes (in D)

Pratten corps central en deux partiesDSC00091

This type of flute has a slightly larger bore and holes than the previous model. It has a powerful yet flexible volume. Based on an original R.S. Pratten flute design, I developed this instrument to obtain a sound that I found to be well-balanced across the entire tessitura. The central body is in two parts. At the outset, this instrument is highly flattering to play, but it reveals its full potential after continued practice. 


  • Keys of your choice.
  • Made from: Mopane / African Blackwood / Polymer
      My Place Pratten – Klaus Pfister
      Muireanns’s Jig – Pratten – Yves Gremaud
      Trip to Athlone Pratten – Klaus Pfister
      Over the Moor to Maggie Pratten – Klaus Pfister
      Rolling in the Ryegrass Pratten – Klaus Pfister
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Whistle (in D)

Copie de Whistles_MussWarmerWerden

This instrument has a conical bore, relatively small holes and its own tuning slide.  I wanted to bestow a soft timbre, rich in harmonics. It allows excellent precision during play, and requires relatively little lung power. For reasons of stability, I made the head out of polymer. The body is made from polymer or Mopane.

      Phyllis’ Brithday – Yves Gremaud
      Major Harrison’s Fedora – Yves Gremaud
      Broken Pledge – Yves Gremaud
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Heads for classic flutes

Copie de Teteclassique

I also offer a range of heads adapted to the classic Boehm flute system. With these, the timbre of the instrument moves somewhat closer to the timbre of an Irish flute. They are ideal for musicians who wish to accommodate an Irish repertoire on their classical instrument. The head must be adapted to your instrument by me, however.

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